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New Video Series: Real World Legal

We are expanding our online library to include a new series called "Real World Legal." This innovative new video series takes students out of the classroom and into real life situations. The videos explore conflicts that arise in a variety of business environments including: a large corporation, a local restaurant, and a retail store. Topics range from trade secrets and sexual orientation discrimination to insider trading and whistleblowing. These dramatic scenes will spark classroom discussion that will promote students' understanding of the difficult but imperative need to consider the legal aspects of decision-making in the business world. Click here to read detailed descriptions of each new video in this series.



New LawFlix Clips

We are updating the movie scenes in our LawFlix collection. In January, our LawFlix series will include scenes from the following movies and television shows:

  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Breaking Away
  • Twelve Angry Men
  • Matilda
  • Cinderella Man
  • Family Man (this scene is currently on the site)
  • Field of Dreams
  • The Jerk (this scene is currently on the site)
  • Notting Hill
  • Jaws (this scene is currently on the site)
  • Midnight Run (this scene is currently on the site)
  • Hoosiers

Due to licensing agreements, several of the existing LawFlix videos can no longer be posted on this site as of January 1, 2010. The videos can be rented or purchased from a variety of sources, and we have posted transcripts of the specific scenes along with the discussion questions on the LawFlix series page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales rep.

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Real World Legal

Scene 1
A corporate vice president shares information about an upcoming merger with a trusted bartender, suggesting a deal that will benefit them both. The bartender subsequently shares the information with a co-worker. The scene explores the boundaries of fiduciary duty and liability in insider trading.

Scene 2
A restaurant owner prepares to sell his business to two employees. Tempers flare when the owner asks for a confidentiality agreement for his "trade secret" recipes and the employees asks the owner to sign a non-compete agreement. The scene explores issues in contract negotiation as well as intellectual property rights.

Scene 3
When a hard working bus boy gets overlooked for a promotion to a waiter position, his boss's explanation leads him to believe that his sexual orientation may be the cause of the employment decision. The scene raises questions about employer and employee rights involving sexual orientation discrimination.

Scene 4
A marketing vice president at a pharmaceutical company tries to gain the support of a vice president of regulatory affairs for his marketing strategy for a new drug use. The scene considers the pressure of patent expiration, the regulatory approval process, and legal and ethical strategies for new drug use.

Scene 5
A new pharmaceutical sales rep confides his anxiety about an aggressive marketing strategy for off-label uses of an FDA-approved drug. A veteran sales rep assures him that the strategy is appropriate. The scene addresses corporate culture, whistleblowing, and the legality and ethics of marketing drugs for off-label use.

Scene 6
A pharmaceutical sales rep meets with a doctor to introduce new uses of a patented drug and to invite the doctor to serve as an advisor regarding the drug's potential new uses. The legal issues include the ethics and legality of marketing strategies and the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.

Scene 7
After a positive review, an employee inquires about moving from the warehouse to the sales floor. Her supervisors maintain that the employee's hijab, the headscarf she wears for religious reasons, does not conform to the company's dress code. The scene explores the parameters of religious accommodation, harassment, and retaliation.

Scene 8
An employee at a large retail chain is informed that her hours have been reduced because of slow performance. The employee's slow performance is due to a back injury that she sustained several years ago. The scene considers what constitutes a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the extent to which an employer must accommodate an employee's disability.

Scene 9
A retail store manager and the vice president from the corporate office disagree about who to hire for a new tech position. The manager favors an Indian born employee who requires the company's support for an H-1B visa. The vice president argues that the position should be filled by a U.S. citizen. The scene focuses on legal issues involving immigration, the visa process, and discrimination based on national origin.